Traveling across the globe can be a thrill – even when it’s done for business.  But it can also be challenging, particularly for the 40 percent of women who make up the global corporate traveler sector. USA Today outlines a handful of tips designed to help the sophisticated woman traveler conquer those challenges. 



Not only should your hotel be located in a safe area of town, but you should aim to stay on the safest floors. Request a room on floors two through seven. The first floor may be less secure, and emergency vehicle ladders don’t always stretch beyond the seventh floor. 



Tourists stand out by the way they dress as well as the way they tend to stand in the middle of the sidewalk examining their maps. Women who plan their sightseeing route in advance have an edge, as do those who follow certain cultural dress codes. Try to dress like the locals when your sightseeing, skipping any clothing that makes your traveler status obvious. 



In addition to keeping their heads covered in some cultures, women can face other protocols it pays to research in advance. In some cultures it’s taboo for women initiate a handshake. Others take offense if you show the bottom of your shoe. 



Booking transportation in advance is a must, not only for business meetings but for any type of travel around town. It’s much safer than hopping into an unknown cab with an unknown driver. 



Diving into stats on local crime may not be the most pleasant practice, but it can give you a sense of what to look out for at your destination. Also keep in mind that women may be likely targets for scam and theft no matter where they travel. 

The overall goal is to be aware and vigilant, whether it’s protecting your personal information on your luggage tag or keeping your hotel room number shielded from prying eyes. Common sense and instincts typically reign as a woman’s best defense wherever she may be. 

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