Business travelers may not be as grumpy as you may think, at least according to a first-of-its-kind Global Business Traveler Association (GBTA) survey. The GBTA Foundation teamed up with American Express to publish the Global Business Traveler Sentiment Index, designed to get feedback on how business travelers feel about their trips. The data can then be used by travel service providers to fix issues of concern in their bid to attract loyal customers by enhancing the overall experience.  

Trip Satisfaction 

The overall vibe from business travelers is one of satisfaction with their trip experience, or at least it is for much of the Western world. Different levels of satisfaction were reported in different regions across the globe. 

  • 81 percent: Traveler satisfaction levels in Mexico
  • 75 percent: Satisfaction levels in the United Kingdom
  • 73 percent: Satisfaction levels in US, Australia and Canada
  • 66 percent: Satisfaction levels in Brazil
  • 64 percent: Satisfaction levels in Germany
  • 49 percent: Satisfaction levels in Japan 

Japan was the only country to report satisfaction levels below 50 percent. 

High-Tech Happiness 

Technology was a big part of the survey, and it’s also become a big part of business travelers’ lives. Wi-Fi connectivity ranked as one of the most important factors for the majority of corporate travelers across the globe, vital to their productivity. They also had high marks for mobile web apps that have served to improve their overall corporate travel experience. 

GBTA Foundation Vice President Joseph Bates noted that Wi-Fi and mobile technologies have already become a must for many travelers, and the demand is only expected to increase. 

Traveler Pain Points 

Despite the high-tech happiness and general satisfaction with the trip experience, the survey found a few pain points are also in the mix. These include: 

  • Having adequate Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Airline fees
  • Getting through the security lines
  • Coordinating convenient flight schedules
  • Enjoying reward points that don’t expire 

Overall Sentiment 

One more measurement of note was travelers’ overall business travel sentiment. Regardless of their home base, travelers generally had a sour view on their country’s overall economy, but an optimistic view of their specific company and industry. 

More than 55 percent of travelers across the globe said their company is in fine financial shape. An even greater percentage of about 60 percent said they agree or strongly agree that their company views business travel as an important aspect in the company’s overall financial performance. 

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