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Whether it’s a question about a new feature, or you’re looking for us to shoulder your account’s administration, there are a number of ways you can connect to the support you need. 

Support Meeting Session

Through screen-sharing, you and a Chrome River Support Agent can work through with any of your concerns. 

To connect:

1. Select the link to the appropriate Support Room below provided by your Support Agent
2. Log in as GUEST and provide your name for entry

Help Desk

Get an overview of the exceptional resources and helping hands available through our Help Desk.

Learn more about our Customer Support team.

Emburse Solution Administrator

Sometimes it’s easier and more cost-effective to let someone else do the work for you. Emburse Solution Administrator gives large global organizations an additional level of support, engagement, configuration, and consulting services.

A designated team of experts familiar with your configuration will support your organization’s unique requirements by performing approved system updates and configuration changes on your behalf.

Enter an Online Support Room

Support Room 1

Support Room 2

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