Modern expense management software

Chrome River Expense is a fast, fluid, mobile web solution that offers global organisations the latest in travel and expense management. We deliver the same user experience across all devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops – which makes employees happy. Powerful analytics and expense claim capabilities make the CFO and accounts payable staff even happier. Expense serves mid-size to large global enterprise organisations.

Fast, fluid, mobile interface

Today’s employees expect their organisations to provide advanced and easy-to-use software to get their jobs done. They rely on mobile solutions because they are on the go and alternate between several devices to get their jobs done - smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. If the software doesn’t work where they are, on the device they’re on - it simply doesn’t work for them. Through HTML5, single page application (SPA) and responsive web design (RWD) technologies, Chrome River Expense is designed to provide the same experience on any device you are working on. Easily enter business expenses when they happen, where they happen and approve expenses as employees submit them. This is expense management software that employees love to use.

Employees stay in compliance with the business rules engine

Controlling compliance to expense policies is a major cost reduction benefit of expense management software. The policies for different groups or departments may vary. Certain expense categories may require thresholds, routing or other precise controls. Chrome River Expense is built on a powerful, flexible and configurable business rules engine. This allows Chrome River customers to easily address far more complex policies than other systems, as well as easily update policies and approval workflows as their company grows and evolves. This is expense management software that finance and travel teams love.

Global capabilities

Chrome River Expense is a global expense claim solution that supports most currency and language requirements. Data can be viewed in different date and currency formats. Expense also easily handles complex international tax jurisdictions, such as VAT, GST, PST, HST and FBT. Our country/jurisdiction baselines also include specific expense types for personal vehicle reimbursement, per diem, and fringe benefit tax, as examples. Chrome River provides financial control and compliance for global organisations through a SaaS-based solution, that can readily change as your organisation evolves. This is modern expense management software that global organisations need.

Users love Chrome River Expense

Saving paper receipts in a bulging wallet, taping them onto a piece of paper and entering them into a spreadsheet is painful. Chrome River Expense provides streamlined functions that make the expense reporting process fast and easy. Expense uses a configurable Expense Bar for expense-type selections with an Allocation Code Selector for quick and easy input. Users no longer need to know, understand or be responsible for proper general ledger account coding—Expense does it for them. For end users who need guidance, Chrome River Navigator provides additional help that removes the complexity of learning a new expense management solution. With real-time, in-application tutorials, users are shown how to complete common tasks within the Chrome River interface on any device. 

With direct integration to an organisation’s financial system, accounting users are only reviewing and no longer rekeying data. With automated credit card integration (personal or corporate cards), Snap & Send receipt submission, optical character recognition (OCR) receipt processing, browser and email access from anywhere in the world, and an attractive and simple user interface, users quickly embrace the software. This is expense management software that business travelers embrace as part of their productivity toolset.

Approvers love Chrome River Expense

Approvers need visibility into the expenses being charged to the cost centers that they control, but they only want to see what’s relevant to them. Chrome River Expense separates expense claims and sends only the relevant transactions to the approvers who need to see them. Approvers can quickly and easily approve or reject expenses with simple controls and with the ability to view receipts for accuracy. All of this can be done online through a simple browser and through email. Approvers are delighted with the simplicity and visibility that the best expense management software affords them.

CFOs and finance love Chrome River Expense

Chrome River Expense is the policy enforcer for finance departments, so they never have to say “no” to employees. Customers can configure highly flexible policy compliance and expense routing rules that easily evolve as the company grows. Screens can be easily configured to meet each organisation’s needs. Chrome River’s dynamic fields can be configured to display based on the expense type, the charge code or billable client requirements. And, Chrome River Analytics transforms expense spend data into compelling and actionable reports for better business decision making.  This is expense management that transforms the entire enterprise.


  • Automated spend control
  • In-application feature training and assistance
  • Automated approval routing
  • Credit card integration
  • Configurable screens, policies and routing
  • Split allocation coding
  • Integration with leading financial systems
  • Mobile access and approvals
  • Cash advance and personal expense handling
  • Online dashboards and self-service inquiries
  • Enforced client billable expense policies
Chrome River’s single best selling point? The term that sums it up for me is simplification. It simplifies the whole process. It’s highly efficient. My AP clerks don’t have to come to me and say, ‘Is that a four or a nine?’, ‘What is this word?’, ‘Where did they eat this meal and who were they with?’, ‘Is that allowable?’. Chrome River takes all the guess work out, forces the user to be crystal clear on where they put their money and allows us to effortlessly reimburse them. Director of Finance 900 Employees

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