When you’re looking for a new enterprise technology solution, the main buying criteria is, quite understandably, the product itself. Does it have the features you need? Will it deliver effective ROI? Is it secure? But given that you’ll probably be using the solution for many years to come, the people that you work with at your solution provider can be just as critical for ensuring a successful long-term relationship as the actual software. That’s why at Chrome River, we don’t just hire people on their ability to do the job, but what they are like to work with, as a leader or a team-mate. We hire people who we know will create a positive environment, whether it’s working with our 800+ customers, or creating the software which is used by 2 million people around the world. We also know that in a competitive employment market, retaining the best employees can’t be relied upon as a foregone conclusion, so creating an environment that people want to work in is key.

As a result of this, we’re always humbled and honored when our efforts are rewarded. As you may have seen from the recent press release, Chrome River was just announced as one of the 25 best places to work in LA, and our CEO and Co-founder, Alan Rich, was listed as one of the best CEOs in the country for women and diversity. And these aren’t some awards that our marketing team applies for with a carefully-crafted submission and quotes from a few hand-picked employees. The awards were by Comparably, which uses data from anonymous employee reviews to build rankings among countries nationwide. Comparably gives Chrome River an overall “A” score for culture, and our Alan’s 92% approval score rates him among the top 5% in the country.

Over on Glassdoor, we also rate highly, with an overall 4.6/5 rating, with 91% of employees saying that they’d recommend us to a friend. Again, these reviews are completely anonymous, and there is no incentive for employees to post positive reviews.

So, why is this? Of course, different things matter more to different people. A fully-stocked – free – snack bar and complimentary breakfast may be a big issue to one person, whereas for someone else, the ability to have a good work/life balance and 401(k) matching may be critical. One area which does seem to unite our team, though, is the culture and atmosphere which are promoted from the top level down, has created what would best be described as a true team atmosphere. In fact, as Alan said, “In the 11 years since Dave Terry and I founded the company, we have strived to build and maintain a vibrant environment that is welcoming to all employees. By treating all of our team as equals, regardless of their experience and background, we have built a culture of mutual respect where everyone feels valued and empowered to play a role in the company’s ongoing growth and success.”

If you want to come and join more than 300 people around the world who work for Chrome River, come and take a look at the roles we’re currently hiring for. Whether in our headquarters on LA’s Miracle Mile, elsewhere in the U.S., or across the world, we’re currently hiring in a wide range of roles, from engineering to support to sales. If you’re talented, ambitious and growth-oriented, apply today, so hopefully we can officially say to you, “Welcome to The River.”


Our choice of Chrome River EXPENSE was made in part due to the very user-friendly interface, easy configurability, and the clear commitment to impactful customer service – all aspects in which Chrome River was the clear winner. While Chrome River is not as large as some of the other vendors we considered, we found that to be a benefit and our due diligence showed that it could support us as well as any large players in the space, along with a personalized level of customer care. Sally Abella, Director of Corporate Travel Harman International
We are excited to be able to enforce much more stringent compliance to our expense guidelines and significantly enhance our expense reporting and analytics. By automating these processes, we will be able to free up AP time formerly spent on manual administrative tasks, and enhance the role by being much more strategic. Ben Zastrow Zelle