Our best wishes go out to California Chrome this weekend in the Belmont Stakes. The possibility of a Triple Crown win has captivated the hearts of all the Chrome River employees and we wanted to share our excitement with you. 

Like many people, we are spellbound by the story of California Chrome. Of course, we love him for his cool name, and we can’t help but identify with him:

  • His owners bought his mother for only $8,000 and bred her for an additional $1,500 – ridiculously inexpensive in the world of horse racing. We, too, come from humble beginnings yet noble lineage.
  • California Chrome’s name was pulled out of hat by a waitress in Brewsters Bar & Grill in Galt, California. Our company name has an almost equally fun history.
  • In racing lore, speed is housed in a horse’s “chromes” or white spots. California Chrome’s speed is contained in his four white feet which look like he’s wearing socks. Similarly, Chrome River’s speed is housed in our intuitive GUI, helping users race through expense report creation and approval.
  • His trainer, Art Sherman, has never trained a horse for the Kentucky Derby, but has a long distinguished racing career. Ours is an equally seasoned team of software professionals.
  • California Chrome has developed a fan base who call themselves “Chromies” – just like we do!

As Steve Coburn, one of California Chrome’s owners told NBC Sports, "This horse has given everybody else out there the incentive to say, 'you know what? We can do it too ...' It may not be a race horse ... whatever the case may be, but we just hope that this horse is letting America know that the little guy can win."

We sure hope you’ll join us in rooting on California Chrome to victory in Saturday’s Belmont Stakes. Instead of placing a $2 bet at the racetrack, why not donate a small sum to your local animal shelter, or your house of worship, or your local Boys & Girls Club? All of us at Chrome River will be cheering him on, wearing bright white socks to speed him to the Triple Crown.

Three cheers for America’s Horse! Run like the wind, California Chrome!

Photo: USA Today


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