Gray Robinson
GrayRobinson was looking for an expense reporting and invoice automation system to replace its in-house system. It wanted and needed the features of a modern, scalable system that could grow and evolve with the firm.

The Challenge

GrayRobinson had an in-house, Microsoft Access-based, system that was inadequate for its needs and unable to scale with the growth of the firm. The firm’s goal was to find a system that was able to capture invoice and expense data at the source, and build a compliance and approval audit trail. GrayRobinson had no real routing or approval process for expense reports or invoices. Backup documentation was not attached within the system, but rather emailed to a dedicated accounts payable email address. The AP team would match the expense request to an email, verify that it was correct and then print and rescan it for entry into the accounting system. Almost all approvals were routed through inter-office mail and manually signed. This regularly caused delays in reimbursing employee expenses as well as delays in invoicing clients and paying vendor invoices. The manual process also caused some invoices to be double- and sometimes triple-paid. Along with meeting its goals of finding a modern and scalable solution that was easy to use, GrayRobinson was also looking for a system that easily integrated with its Aderant Expert financial system, Nuance scanning, credit card feeds and foreign exchange processing.

We looked at solutions that were offered through our bank, ADP, and also reviewed other expense reporting and invoice management solutions, such as Concur and Aderant Expert.
Jesse Rudolph, Financial Analysis Manager


GrayRobinson is a full-service law firm and lobbying firm with attorneys and government consultants throughout 15 locations across the State of Florida and Washington, DC. GrayRobinson’s attorneys provide legal services for Fortune 500 companies, emerging business, lending institutions, local and state governments, developers, entrepreneurs and individuals across Florida, the nation and the world.

The Chrome River Solution

GrayRobinson implemented Chrome River EXPENSE and Chrome River INVOICE during a single-phase project. With a fiscal year-end of August 31, the firm’s goal was to roll out Chrome River before the year-end process began. So, the team rolled up their sleeves, and along with Chrome River’s project manager, they all stayed on task and completed both implementations from start to ‘go-live’ in 18 weeks. The firm’s training process was quick and easy. Training was handled through a series of announcements and quick reference guides that were created for the employees. Then, prior to going live, onsite training was provided. 

We give credit to our Chrome River project manager for driving us to
complete our implementation in 18 weeks. She was dedicated, worked
hard and kept us on task. She was nothing short of outstanding.

Employees who immediately embraced the change to Chrome River became cheerleaders for the others. They loved that they could track their expense reports and see where they were in the approval process. They also loved to be able to direct scan invoices, which saved valuable time.

The Results

The firm has seen immeasurable changes that include procedures on how invoices and expenses are submitted, to how the invoice and expense reimbursements are paid. There is now significant visibility into the invoice process for end users through the use of tracking. Duplicate checking rules have reduced redundant entries, and including all of the backup with the invoice or expense entry has made it easier to confirm receipts and invoices. The billing department now has easy access to invoice detail for anything that is billed to a client that requires back up. The AP department no longer needs to spend time taking calls and researching requests – sometimes multiple times. It also enjoys the enforcement of compliance to company business rules, easy approval routing, and visibility into the status of all expenses and invoices that are in the system. In the first year after implementing Chrome River, GrayRobinson was able to reassign an accounts payable staff position and a half-time IT staff position to other, more productive tasks. The ROI was easily met within the first year or less. As the firm continues to grow, the human capital cost will remain relatively flat even with increased workflow.

Why Chrome River

After due diligence, GrayRobinson ultimately selected Chrome River for its expense management software and invoice automation software because it provided the key features of a modern and scalable solution.

  • Scalability as the firm grows and evolves
  • Visibility and control of expense spend and invoices
  • Built-in compliance to company policies
  • Built-in approval routing
  • Easy-to-use solution with quick implementation and training process

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